Professional Certification in Digital Marketing

Are you a Digital Marketing Aspirant? It’s a great choice, believe me, you will be the most sought after in the current scenario, the current market. Get trained in Digital Marketing with Digital Marketing Agency Style Course (30 hours long with Quizzes, Tasks, Assignments, Exams with Certificates) 

We only believe in Experiential Learning! Learn Practice. Apply and Start Earning

As a practitioner for the last 5 years and I strongly advise it is never too late to start your Digital Journey. In the world where we are in everything is getting digitized. Companies in every sector are trying to be in this digital space and are working very hard to make their presence online.

Digital Sadan, a Full Service Digital Marketing Consultants and Online Training Institute. We in fact are working here to “Uncomplicate Digital Marketing” be it with the clients or our students

Digital Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Digital Marketing Training Content

  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Website, Domain Registration & Integration to Social Media on
  3. Search Engine Optimization [SEO] (on-page SEO & Off-Page SEO)
  4. Facebook Marketing [Facebook Page, Business Manager, FB Ads Manager, FB Ads]
  5. Advertisement Creatives: Design on Canva
  6. Instagram Handle
  7. Google Advertisement
  8. LinkedIn Branding & LinkedIn Advertisement
  9. Landing Page Creation & Email Marketing
  10. Email Marketing & Automation
  11. Payment Integration

You can take Module-wise or individually also!

  1. WordPress Website Building With Blog Integration
  2. Facebook Supremacy Program 
  3. LinkedIn Profile Optimization Program 
  4. Instagram Marketing & Automation
  5. Google Ads Program 
  6. SEO Optimization both off-page SEO & on-page SEO
  7. Blueprint on how to publish Video Courses & Upload on Udemy? All Secrets Revealed 
  8. Email Marketing & Automation [Active Campaign]

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