Digital Marketing is the buzzword today in businesses! Are you a Digital Marketing Career Aspirant? It’s a great choice, believe me, you will be most sought after in the current scenario, the current market. I have been a practitioner for the last 5 years and I strongly advise it is never too late to start your Digital Journey. In the world where we are in everything is getting digitalized.

Companies in every sector are trying to be in this digital space and are working very hard to make their presence online. Below you will find the Demand for Digital Marketing Talent:

Now let’s look at what type of Digital Careers one can get after doing a course in Digital marketing

  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. Video/ Audio Production
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. E-Mail marketing
  6. Blogging
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. E-commerce
  9. Content Management & Curation
  10.  Copy Writing & Editing
  11.  Website Designing & Development
  12.  Web Analytics (Multi-channel Analytics)
  13.  Google Analytics

Step 1: Understanding Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing.

Start with understanding the basics of Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing, have a good understanding of what is marketing & sales? What is Segmenting, Positioning & Targeting? This gives you enough knowledge as to how, where, whom to target your customers and generate leads for the business

Step 2: Decide your Niche area (what you specialize with?)

Decide what niche area you need to target based on your knowledge, market situation, trends, interests, etc. Decide a name for your Blog, Website and check whether your name domain is available on,,, etc.

Step 3: Start your own blog, my suggestions start your blog from

Design your website Blogs are the visa to this World, you can reach places & people across the Globe, and you should do blogging to inspire your audience, by doing so you will market yourself and your skills. If you are in business you can generate a lot of “Qualified Leads” Through blogs, you can improve your content writing skills, build your “Personal Brand” Confront all your fears, meet new people, and last but not least you can monetize your blog and earn money.

Step 4: Learn how to create content, how to blog? What to write in your blog?

Choose your domain and find on Google about the area in which you are interested and note down the important points, understand the tone, know about to whom you are writing the blog, what is that the audience is expecting from your blog (set expectations as to what people get if they read your blog)

Step 5: Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will equip you to understand how, where and which place your company, your brand, yourself appear online when somebody searches for you, it gives your ranking. The more your company, brand, and your presence will have a direct impact on the impressions which your potential client will have. The better you understand SEO the better your business! SEO will increase your value to your business.  This will help you stay ahead of business challenges

Step 6: Master Facebook, Instagram Advertisement (FB & IG Ads)

7 Benefits by mastering FB, IG Ads

  • First & foremost FB will give very robust analytics
  • You can do location-wise targeting, details targeting on demographics, interest etc
  • You can create ads based on your specific objectives
  • Reach more people than your organic posts
  • With FB ads re-marketing is very easy
  • Lead Generation and conversions will happen at a very less price
  • You can a call-to-action button where you can divert your potential audience to exactly where you need to take them

Step 7: Learn Google Ads & Certification

7 Benefits of Google Ads

  • Goggle’s Massive search, this is because when people want to know something they come to Google
  • Range of Targeting
  • Advertising Intent
  • Works to your budget
  • Results can be analyzed by a common man’s perspective
  • Better than SEO at times
  • Maximize ROI with comfortable bidding strategies

Step 8: Learn Web Analytics

7 Benefits of Web Analytics

  • Tracking your traffic
  • You can track your bounce rate
  • Optimizing marketing campaign
  • Optimizing website & web services
  • Tracking business goals
  • Optimizing your conversion rate (CRO)
  • Compare & Improve results from various Digital Channels

Step 9: Learn LinkedIn Branding & Ads

What to learn?

  • Understand the context of Branding & Ads
  • Precise Targeting
  • Match your own data for further enquiries
  • How to brand your employees?
  • Employer Branding

Step 10: Email Marketing & Automation

7 Benefits of Email Marketing & Automation (Courtesy:

  • You can build a strong relation with your customer, potential customers
  • More effective than Social Media
  • Cost effective and effective
  • You can customize according to your customer needs
  • Action oriented
  • Email Automation lets you send the right message to the right people.
  • Timed promotional email can be sent to customers and your prospects

Finally, Learn digital marketing tools and get Real-Time Internship gives you hands-on experience of what you have learned, it allows you to implement all the digital tools mentioned above. This is one of the best ways to gain experience and if you prove your worthiness the internship organization may hire you full-time also!

Lastly, Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

  1. Digital Scholar
  2. Simplilearn
  3. DSIM
  4. Great Learning
  5. EduPristine
  6. UpGrad
  7. Digital Vidya
  8. IIM Skills
  9. NIIT Digital Marketing
  10. MCTA

Dear Aspirants of Digital Marketing by now you would have acclimatized with all the terms used in Digital Marketing, tools which you are supposed to learn practice and implement. I have made a sincere attempt in giving all that is needed to become a Digital Scholar. I wish you all Great Success in your Digital Journey. Please comment, write to me or get in touch with me for any clarification and I will be very happy to answer all your queries.

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